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Photographs by : JEAN-PIERRE LAFFONT

Le photographe documentaire Jean-Pierre Laffont réside à New York depuis 1965. Outre ses voyages qui ont documenté l'ensemble de l'Amérique et ses classes sociales, Jean-Pierre Laffont a concentré son appareil sur sa nouvelle "ville natale" New York City. Organisé en trois parties (The City Never Sleeps, The Movers and Shakers et The Mean Streets), "New York City Up and Down" est un examen élégant, incisif et inattendu de quarante ans d'exploration par l'un des documentaristes les plus reconnus aujourd'hui .

Tout comme il a exploré l'explosif, le calme, le social, l'environnement dans son livre primé, Photographer's Paradise, Jean-Pierre Laffont a alimenté "New York City Up and Down" avec les hauts et les bas de la vie de New York City. Il s'agit d'une fresque sociale qui couvre ces 40 dernières années.



Renowned documentary photographer Jean-Pierre Laffont has been a transplanted resident from Paris to New York City since 1965. In addition to his travels that have documented the entirety of America and its social forces, as well as those around the world, Laffont has squarely focused his camera on his new “hometown” New York City. Organized into three parts (The City Never Sleeps, The Movers and Shakers, and The Mean Streets), New York City Up and Down is an elegant, incisive, and unexpected review of forty years of exploration by one of the most revered documentarians working today.

Just as he explored the explosive, the calm, the social, the environment in his prize-winning book, Photographer’s Paradise, Laffont has filled New York City Up and Down with the highs and lows of New York City life.  Not a commentary on the high end versus the low end of lifestyles, it is instead a commentary on the ups and downs socially, politically, and visually that have taken place in the city he loves so much, with the eyes of a devoted viewer, over the past 40 years.