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Mikael FUNCH

Address: Hulgaardsvej 22, DK-3300 Asserbo - Denmark
Telephone: +45 41161970

Country of origin: Denmark, year of birth: 1970

Title: Alberts funeral feast
Theme: Customs and traditions, Marginalized groups
Country: Denmark
Location: Thy
Dates: 2/2006 - 2/2006
Number of photos: 19
Title: Societys hideous eyedisease
Theme: Housing, homelessness, Alcoholism
Country: Denmark
Location: Copenhagen
Dates: 4/2004 - 10/2006
Number of photos: 26
Title: Reunion day of Dina and Naja
Theme: Drugs, Alcoholism
Country: Denmark
Location: Copenhagen
Dates: 3/2004 - 10/2006
Number of photos: 35

Mothers watching

As engaged in social awareness, environmental issues and photodocumentary, I have been living and worked among seal- and whalehunters in the arctic settlement of Qaarsut, Western Greenland, for two years. Today I am based near Copenhagen, living as a teacher and part-time photographer. My work primarily addresses nordic contemporary photography with a focus on everyday life and social issues due to the Scandinavian model of society. My work is thus varied; ambient compositions, urban situations, social documentary and different strands of contemporary photographic practice. The absent of beauty in some of these photographic situations will perhaps prompt the viewer to see the legacy of our society in a new light and bring focus to what is not showed in mainstream media but common and familiar to everybody. One of my photographic goals is to open a shutter to the backside of our welfare system. My project SILA | OUTSIDE is a direct photographic essay on homeless greenlanders i Denmark, mainly living ind the streets of Copenhagen. Among the classes of the homeless, the greenlanders rate lowest of them all. Compared to western traditions and habits, their extremely different cultural background outclasses them as unreachable and hard to help. The danish medias lack of focus on their problems I find depressing. I seek: 1/ Fellow photographers interested in social photography in Denmark. 2/ Donations supporting expenses. 3/ Exhibitors/Galleries. SILA is greenlandic and refers to all that is out there, outside; weather, life, view etc. Sincerely Mikael Funch