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Piergiorgio CASOTTI

Address: Via Tassone 22, 42011 Bagnolo in Piano - Italy
Telephone: +393491621687 - +393491621687
Country of origin: Italy, year of birth: 1972
Education/Training: Pratt Institute of NYC
Previous Agencies: MILK

Title: Surviving the peace - Iraq
Theme: Physical disability, Wars
Country: Iraq
Location: Sulemanya
Dates: 10/2009 - 11/2009
Number of photos: 54
Sponsor/Partner: Emergency Rehabilitation Center - Iraq

Patients at the Emergency Rehab Center in Sulemanya
  Sometimes I cannot smile  

East greenland has the highest suicide rates among young people in the world. It's estimated that almost 2% of them commit suicide every year and around 20% attempt. All explanations for the rise in suicides could point to the destruction of old ways of life forcing this population to deal with this new "coerced sedentarization" life in just three decades. An impact that has brought to "adverse childhood experiences". My project would like to go deep into the "reasons" of such a social issue trying to explore all the elements that can bring to that