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If your organization is looking for photographers to make a photo essay on social or environmenal themes/subjects, you can announce your call for submissions here.
In order to ensure the quality and an ethical approach, the call for submissions is only accessible to photographers registered on our database.

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Island of Refugees
Island of Refugees Refugees are often feared, sometimes pitied, but rarely understood. In crossing borders refugees are - like international flow of money, technology, and ideas - a facet of globalization. While refugees migrating to

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Consult the list of projects for which photographers are requesting sponsors or partners.

Mugham academy
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This section is for all those working on social or environmental issues (either professionally or as a volunteer), who would like to raise awareness about a particular issue through the creation of a photo essay.

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Donald Griffith, Film Festival, Television Program, Publications
Fountainhead Tanz Theatre, Black International Cinema, THE COLLEGIUM Television Program & Cultural Zephyr,e.V., are an international, inter-cultural community of persons engaged in achieving increasing understanding and cooperation between indivi...
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