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The site was created by the French association Pour Que l ’Esprit Vive, (Let The Spirit Live), is:
a means of increasing awareness about socio-environmental photography and its ability to mobilize people;

a link between photographers from all over the world and photo agencies, galleries, the media, publishers, as well as social and cultural organizations, schools and universities.

a space in Paris:'s centre provides a meeting place and reference material for photographers and people interested in photography, as well as those working on social and environmental issues, students and educators.

a gallery: Fait & Cause. (a French expression that means to fight for a cause). The association Pour Que l 'Esprit Vive also opened the art gallery Fait & Cause in Paris, in 1997, which is one of the first and only galleries dedicated to social documentary and environmental photography.

The association Pour Que l’Esprit Vive, was founded in 1932. Its mission is:

• to assist artists in realizing and preserving their work,
• to raise awareness about social problems and contribute to social change through art and culture.

The team includes the members of the Association Pour Que l 'Esprit Vive, technicians and photo specialists - in collaboration with Robert Delpire, who provides artistic direction to the Fait & Cause gallery.