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Que peut la photo?

We are all affected by social and environmental problems. These problems are the result of complex interconnections between various factors and groups in an era characterized by rapid evolution and globalization. We cannot respond to these problems without understanding the complexity of these relations.

These social and environmental problems affect every country, to the extent of endangering the very existence and future of certain groups.

The current state of world health, demographics and the environment all indicate the seriousness of these problems and have already, in many cases, suffered irreversible damage. Our environmental record is not any better, many animal species risk extinction and our ecosystem is in danger.

Faced with these problems we must avoid slipping into a nostalgia for the past and fight greed, injustice, abuses of power, lack of foresight, blindness, foolishness.

We cannot afford to withdraw into passivity or fatalism, we must develop a collective awareness: positive, active, effective and generous.


Que peut ? Que peut la photo? L'ère des problèmes