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Que peut la photo?

Today the internet acts as one of the main sources of information and communication. It can play an important role in raising individual and collective awareness of social and environmental issues, facilitating action and assistance, leading to positive changes in behaviour. proposes, through the use photography, to push the internet to play this role.

  Awareness is the first step in battling social and environmental problems. offers a means of communication to assist all those affected and concerned by these problems.
  The majority of social and environmental problems are linked to economic and political choices.
Sophot proposes :
• to raise awareness about these problems with decision makers,
• to assist and to motivate people to use their decision-making power,
apply pressure for change.

  Social problems affect people's daily existence and decrease the potential for improvement. Environmental problems, because they are serious and often irreversible, require immediate action. provides a means of connecting with numerous organizations that work with people affected by various social problems and attempt to solve these problems.

Solving the social and environmental problems depends upon change :
• in individual and collective behaviour,
• in our way of living. hopes to influence people's outlook and behaviour, particularly that of young people and those in the education system.

Que peut la photo?
Que peut ? Que peut la photo? L'ère des problèmes