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Swimming with determination The Saint Lucia Sports is located in Rome in Via Ardeatina 306 and is a reality in paralympic sport at the national and international scene. The homonym Foundation dates back to 1960 when the facilities were devoted to the care of disabled veterans of the Second World War. The intense studies and scientific research that the Foundation carries on the athletes allowed to expand knowledge for development of sports therapy applied to disability throughout Italy. The 18th June 2008 the Saint Lucia won in Latin the tenth national swimming championship in its history. The athletes can be considered semi-professional, because they train five times a week with sessions of two hours each. Some of them are born with disabilities, others have become disabled as a result of accidents. The physical activity, from rehabilitation to elite sport, gives people with a disability the opportunity to reach their potential, achieve self-determination and have fun. Sport programmes and opportunities for disabled persons have increased worldwide in scope and number as well. Paralympic sport is growing and becoming increasingly competitive and therefore interesting for a wider public.